When You Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance

When you reach the age of 65, you qualify for Medicare. This is the government sponsored medical insurance for people 65 years olf and over. Medicare has two parts, A and B. Each part covers different things. Medicare does not cover everything. So, if you want comprehensive medical coverage, you will need to get a Medicare supplemental insurance like Medigap.

Medigap policies are purchased from private insurance providers by individuals. There are many types of supplemental insurance available. You should think carefully about what kind of medical needs you will have as you get older in order to get the best supplement that will cover the most expenses. Typically, the supplement will cover your deductibles and your co-payments. You should read over each policy’s terms of coverage to get a full picture of what procedures are covered.

A medical bill is first paid by Medicare, then by the Medigap insurance. Medicare and Medigap pays out, if there are still amounts left over for procedures that are not covered by either insurance, you will be responsible for paying for it out of your own pocket. So, it is important that you get a supplemental insurance that will cover the types of medical expenses that you will incur.

Because Medigap only covers one individual, each person in your family over the age of 65 has to get his or own supplemental policy. Dental care and vision care are also not covered by Medicare or Medigap (this may not be true if you are one of the expires plans like medicare supplement plan j). So, you will have to look for a separate policy to cover those areas of healthcare expenses.

To get Medigap, you first have to qualify for Medicare. Then, the supplemental insurance that you get must be listed as a supplement to Medicare. Make sure that you understand the terms of coverage before you sign any contracts for health insurance. Talk to your insurance company if you need further explanation.

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